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Our Organization


The Chart

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 MUC Organization Chart

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The Board

Mountainview decided to revise its administrative structure in 2011 to meet the following goals:

  1. minimize bureaucracy to free volunteers to use their creativity and minimize energy spent on non-productive tasks;
  2. take most of the administrative responsibilities away from the Board to allow it to concentrate on putting the Mission of the congregation into action; and
  3. emphasize the spiritual ‘health & growth’ of the congregation as opposed to the number of people attending services or their donation levels.

The Teams (Worship, Outreach, Finance, etc.) report directly to the congregation at large as opposed to older models that saw them reporting to The Board. They meet with the congregation through Conversation Cafes to obtain their mandate, but they operate within the broad policies set by The Board. An example of a Board policy is that the Teams must get their mandate renewed by meeting with the congregation at least once per year.

The Board consists of approximately 12 people. The first category comprises four congregants, a Secretary and a Chair, each of whom is elected by the congregation. The second category are those mandated to be on the Board by the United Church Manual: the Minister, a Treasurer and representatives from each of the following areas - Ministry & Personnel, Trustee, and Presbytery.

The Board generally meets on a monthly basis. Words like Vision and Vision Path are very much part of the Board’s current vocabulary. Vision represents a statement of where we want to be within the next three years in implementing our Mission Statement. Vision Path represents the specific steps we plan to take to turn the Vision into reality.

We believe this ‘high trust’ administrative model in which we trust our volunteers to independently carry out their entrusted responsibilities is very consistent with our Christian principles.

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Communications Team

The Communications Team is primarily concerned with facilitating healthy communication through various media (oral, print, electronic) among the congregation, the Board, other teams, and the community. The Communications Team has a mandate to identify ways in which it can help MUC live out the congregation’s mission statement, as well as to oversee some specific tasks for which it co-ordinates members of its sub-teams.


Announcement Sub-Team - volunteers who organize and present announcements at the beginning of each worship service.

Technical Sub-Team - volunteers who manage and consult on equipment and programs needed for communications work in the church.


Mountain Viewpoint - a newsletter printed 3 or 4 times a year and circulated to the congregation.. It contains reports of past activities, plans for upcoming events, and articles on issues of interest to the congregation. Available in print and electronically.

Useful Communication Tools

Conversation Cafés - the primary method by which our Teams and the Board annually present their goals and objectives (recent past, present and future ) to the congregation, in order that the congregation can direct and provide input into those activities and plans. These can occur as part of a worship service or as workshops after the service.

  • participants are asked to form small groups of 4-6 people. Sometimes people are asked to switch groups between questions to make discussions more diverse.
  • three questions are prepared ahead of time by the Team responsible for the Conversation Café (or for a segment of it) and are presented to the participants for time-limited discussion ·
  • responses to each of the questions are recorded by a member of each group and given to the relevant team. That team compiles the responses and later distributes the document to the congregation
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Finance Team


Counters: More information to come.

Fun(d)Raising: Under construction, thank you for your patience.

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Lifelong Learning Christian Development Team

Adult Study Group

Looking for a group that:

  • Provides a safe place for all?
  • Welcomes newcomers?
  • Listens respectfully to all questions and points of view?
  • Offers a variety of subject matter
  • thrives on participation and discussion?

Try our Adult Study Group for an evening or a series. We meet each Thursday from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. For more information, contact the Church Office 905-682-0944.


As part of  the Lifelong Christian Development Team, Mountainview's Lending Library aims to reflect the team's mandate to foster and support the development of the Christian faith in people of all ages and pursuits, within its congregation as well as in the wider community to which it belongs.

library Mountainview United Church

Our library is located in the Chapel Lounge where it houses collections for adults and children, as well as reference and multi-media materials. Its subject matter ranges from Biblical history and scholarship to social and cultural issues and includes fiction as well as inspirational works.

A portable cart also delivers a broad selection of materials to the gymnasium for coffee hour after Sunday services.

Access to library materials is also available to seniors who participate in the weekly exercise classes and the participants in the church Coffee and Chat mornings.

Library hours are weekday mornings from 9:30 to 11:30 AM, as well as when the church is open for group activities.

Sunday School

The children leave the Sunday morning worship service, after a short children’s time at the front of the sanctuary with our minister, to attend a Sunday School program called JAM (Jesus And Me). The children may return to the sanctuary later in the service for special worship activities such as Communion; otherwise they meet their parents in the gym during coffee time after the service is over.

We use the lectionary based “Seasons of the Spirit” curriculum specifically designed for small group, multi-age classes. There is always a lesson along with a related craft or activity. The children who attend love to show their craft results to the congregants attending coffee time.

In addition, we maintain an activity centre at the back of the sanctuary where a child can pick up a bag of activities prior to going downstairs to Sunday School. They can also continue to stay with this activity bag in the sanctuary with parental supervision if they are too shy, especially as a visiting child, to go to Sunday School with the others

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Membership Team

Membership Team involves and encourages as many of the congregation as possible to participate in the wide variety of welcoming opportunities available at Mountainview during Sunday Services. Our Team is responsible for three specific areas: transforming the physical space of our Church interior into a bright, warm environment ; handing out the day's Bulletin (which contains the Order of Service and Announcements) while greeting all those who enter the sanctuary for worship; and providing coffee and refreshments in the gymnasium after service. We are proud to be a very welcoming congregation.


Duty People

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Ministry and Personnel

The Ministry and Personnel Committee (M&P) provides a consultative and supportive resource for the staff and the congregation of Mountainview. The M&P Committee oversees the relationship among the staff and between the staff and the congregation. The M&P Committee reviews the working conditions and remuneration for the staff and makes appropriate recommendations to the Official Board.

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Outreach Team

Breakfast Program

the Community Breakfast Program is held 365 days a year at St George's Anglican Church, 83 Church Street, St Catharines.

the breakfasts themselves are coordinated daily by about 14 different church groups, including Mountainview United Church, and by a few community groups. Volunteer crew members arrive at the church at about 6.45 hr and finish by about 9.00 hr.

The program feeds 525 clients weekly, using the following amounts of food :

  • 33 cans Orange drink (frozen)
  • 70 loaves of bread
  • 36 cans Apple juice
  • 16 lbs. margarine
  • 14 lbs. oatmeal
  • 15 lbs. peanut butter
  • 26 boxes cold cereal
  • 14 medium jars jam
  • 50 bags milk (200 quarts)
  • 14 lbs. coffee
  • 15 lbs. brown sugar
  • 15 lbs. white sugar

In 2011, Mountainview United Church's Lenten project for the Breakfast Program raised over $2000, about one month's cost for this program. Sometimes the church basket donations of large peanut butter containers and large cereal boxes are taken to the Breakfast program.

Mountainview United Church coordinates the breakfast at least one day a month (3rd Saturday of the month), and sometimes twice a month (fifth Sunday of the month). We currently have about 20 regular volunteers and a few friends of the congregation who also help

If you would like to occasionally be part of the volunteer group for the breakfast program crew, have any questions, or would consider being on one of the planning committee teams for fundraising, etc., please each contact the Mountainview Church Office. It is a very worthwhile volunteer experience.

Mission and Service

There are 97 churches, Christian Councils and agencies that minister in partnership with the United Church of Canada (UCC), in 31 countries around the world. In 2012, these partners will receive just over $3M in Mission & Service (M&S) funding. This is not quite 10% of the total M&S budget for 2012, which consists of donations totalling $ 37.2M. There are six program areas of mission and service work: Global Peace and Justice; Community and Justice; Developing Leadership; Faith Formation; Local Ministry Support; and, Conference Leadership.

The UCC has 25 overseas personnel serving in 12 countries. The work of these individuals is supported by M&S givings. We welcomed one of those individuals, Sarah Beer, to our service on December 2, 2012. Sarah spoke about her experiences of living, working and sharing in mission and service in Peru as Educator and Organizer, working in partnership with Centro Esperenza, where she has been since July 2010.

Centro Esperanza, which translates as " Hope Centre ", is an organization working in the poorest neighbourhoods and surrounding towns and villages of Chiclayo, a city of about 700,000 people in an irrigated valley on Peru’s arid north coast. The partnership between Centro Esperanza and the United Church began in 2008.

Most of Centro Esperanza’s work focuses on women, particularly those who involved in communal kitchens, which are similar to “soup kitchens”, but are organized and run directly by women from poor neighbourhoods. The Centre has developed a number of creative art programs for children and youth, as well as programs aimed at preventing domestic violence against women. More recently, they have begun an innovative initiative to educate high school students about gender issues in the hope of changing attitudes that can be the root of domestic violence.



Seniors Exercise

Healthy, Safe, Strong - a program offered by the Niagara Region An excellent exercise program is running at Mountainview United Church on Wednesday and Fridays at 9:15 AM and 10:15 AM. The trained instructor, Amy, provides a program that helps to improve and maintain strength, prevent age-related muscle loss, and build balance. She is friendly, vigilant and helpful. The program is suitable for people of varying abilities. This is a community based program.

Out of the Cold

From November 1st to March 31st of every year, several St. Catharines churches of all denominations provide a hot meal each evening of each week to anyone in the community without adequate food or shelter. Seven churches donate space, each one being responsible for one evening a week. This allows people in need to know with certainty where to go for meals on a specific night throughout the cold season.

The number of guests varies from 100 to 150 nightly. Those who are homeless can remain for the night. Donations of warm jackets, sweaters, underwear, socks, toques, mitts, as well as toiletries and razors are always needed and welcomed.

Mountainview volunteers have been involved in this program for approximately 10 years, preparing and serving the meal, in addition to cleaning up in the evening and then again in the morning.

In 2013, we will be responsible for three Wednesday evenings monthly, starting in January, and serving at St. George’s Anglican Church, 83 Church Street. Think about helping out – even once! We always need ten people for the meal service , and are looking for two people (a man and woman or two men) who would cover the evening shift from 7.30 to 11.00 PM. The evening shift is simply supervision - the overnight guests are settled by 9.00 PM.

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Pastoral Care Team


Prayer Shawls

A sub-team of the Pastoral Care Team is the prayer shawl knitters. Members donate their time and their talents to knit prayer shawls that are distributed to members, families and friends in need of the reassuring comfort of God’s love enfolding them.


These are members of Mountainview who have been given the blessing of ministering to fellow members through visits to homes, hospitals, and alternate care facilities to maintain contact with those who are alone, ill, sad, in family crisis, or in need of a caring ear to listen. Members also do telephone visiting, especially to check on shut-ins. Members of the Pastoral Care Team receive training through courses offered at Five Oaks Education and Retreat Centre and the Niagara Health Care System.

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Property Team

The Property Team is responsible for :

  • the care of Church property and the equipment it contains
  • the oversight of custodial staff
  • arranging contracts for lawn maintenance and snow removal
  • arranging rentals
  • setting up and taking down tables / chairs for Church functions
  • organizing the Adopt-A-Bed program for shrub bed / flower maintenance.
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The Board of Trustees holds in trust all of the property of Mountainview for the use and benefit of the congregation as part of the United Church.

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United Church Women

The UCW is an organization which provides Christian fellowship, friendship and mutual support for women in the United Church.

Our purpose is to unite women of the congregation for the total mission of the church and to provide a medium through which we may express our loyalty and devotion to Jesus Christ in Christian witness, study, fellowship and service.

We have two active units ( groups), each group meeting monthly, whether in the church or in members’ homes.

Our fundraising activities include bake sales, card parties, a day at the Shaw Festival, outings to Stratford and catering to receptions. We invite speakers to our general meetings, which cover a variety of topics, including travelogues and slide shows. Our outreach includes the yearly Ina Grafton Gage birthday party, paper products to Gillian's Place, monetary donations to the Boy Scouts and Cave Springs Camp. Our support of Mountainview United Church is governed by the total amount of funds we raise each year.

All women of the church are invited to join us.

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Worship Team

Sunday services begin at 10:30 a.m. and are generally one hour in length followed by coffee and fellowship in the gym.

Music plays an integral part of worship with choir anthems, vocal and instrumental solos. It is with great joy and passion that the Mountainview choir sings from the hymn books Voices United and More Voices, combining worship music selections from the traditional to the contemporary United Church repertoire. With the keen direction of the dynamic and talented Maria Shantz, the choir presents inspirational pieces complementing each theme and focus during Sunday service. Be prepared to leave the Mountainview sanctuary humming and dancing and buzzing with spirit!

Mountainview Choir

Just as there are seasons in nature, the church also marks seasons of the church year with suitable banners and decorations in the sanctuary.  The Worship Team works with our Minister Rev. Dwain Ketcheson to plan a variety of worship services.

Areas of Responsibility

Communion: Communion is typically served on the first Sunday of the month from September to June and all are welcome at our open communion table. Elements required for Communion are prepared by the Worship Team, who also assist serving.


Special Services:  Remembrance Day, Baden Powell Sunday, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas are examples of some of the occastions that the Worship Team devotes scpecial attention to planning the elements of the service.
    Baptism is a joyous occasion when we welcome infants, children, and adults into Christian community.
    At Mountainview United Church we believe that marriage is a covenant made before and with God, a relationship of equal partners who freely choose willingly, gladly and completely to entrust themselves to each other and to be in relationship with each other. Rev. Dwain would be happy to help you plan your special day. For further information please call the Church Office 905 682-0944.

Please join us for Christian worship, fun and fellowship.

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