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Mission Statement Development


Mountainview United Church has recently taken a significant amount of time to go through a deep, prayerful, reflective process of itself and its role in the local community, and also how to carry out this role effectively. This time of reflection led to the realization that, in order to continue to be faithful, we are called to re-evaluate our ministry on a regular basis. In this quickly changing world, the needs of people are also changing, and so we at Mountainview have committed ourselves to be a vital part of our community seeking to meet those needs. At the same time, as a community of faith, we are committed to upholding the values and beliefs as taught and lived by Jesus Christ which unites us as a church.

Our Mission Statement was developed through several education and input sessions, via conversation cafés with the congregation, led by a Transition Team with Church Board support. “Welcome to Mountainview United Church – a spiritual family embracing diversity and offering Christian worship, fun, fellowship and opportunities to serve our community and beyond.” Our Mission Statement reflects who we are and who we continually strive to be.

Mission Statement

We have changed many of our attitudes and ways of doing things because of this statement. For example, we have changed our marriage policy to one that is ‘open’. We have dropped the old attitude of ‘membership has its privileges’ – so if you walk through our door, we want you to know that you are seen as ‘one of us’. You do not need to have a pre-defined set of beliefs to belong. We want everyone to feel comfortable to grow their faith and beliefs at their own pace and comfort level.

Again, as our mission statement says, “Welcome to Mountainview United Church.” We hope to see you at a Sunday service (10:30 a.m.), or at one of our many activities (see Calendar of Events).


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