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Baptism is a symbolic act in which a person is publically and officially received as a member of the Christian Church and welcomed into its community. A person can be baptized at any time in life. Some people bring their infant children to be baptized while others become baptized as adults. A person need only be baptized once in life because most all denominations accept one another’s baptism.

Baptism marks the first step of a lifelong faith journey in the light of God's love, as a follower Jesus.In the case of infant baptism, since children cannot understand what is being done, parent(s) make their own profession of faith and promise to bring up their children in the Christian faith, and the congregation promises to help support the parent(s).

Baptism is one of two sacrament within the United Church of Canada, the other being Holy Communion. God acts in baptism by receiving the baptized through love into the family of Christ's church. The use of water symbolizes the cleansing of heart and mind and being spiritually born into the new life God intends for us all.

For further information about baptism at Mountainview please contact our Minister through the church office – (905) 682-0944.

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Confirmation / Membership Classes

We become members of the world-wide church through baptism.

“Confirmation” means becoming a formal member of the United Church of Canada through a series of classes with the Minister, followed by your Profession of Faith as part of a Sunday worship service.

Arrangements for classes may be made through the Minister. A shorter course is available for those who have been confirmed in another denomination, but who wish to gain a greater understanding of the history and beliefs of the United Church of Canada in order to become a member.

If you have any further questions or wish to arrange for a meeting with the Minister, you may do so by contacting the church office at (905) 682-0944.

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Congratulations on your engagement . . . and Welcome! We hope that, as a church, we can support you at this time in making preparations for your wedding and throughout your married life. At Mountainview United Church we believe that marriage is a covenant made before and with God: A relationship of equal partners who freely choose, willingly, gladly, and completely, to entrust themselves to each other and to be in relationship with each other.

We offer you the following guidelines to assist you in your preparations as you consider having you wedding ceremony at Mountainview.

Sanctuary and Chapel

Mountainview United Church Sanctuary

The sanctuary of Mountainview was built in 1970 and is as beautiful as it is unique. The space is filled with natural light from a huge skylight and is lit by a candle style chandelier for evening services. The configuration of the seating arrangement is “in the round” for up to 450 people and is surrounded by stain glass windows. The chapel of Mountainview is also available for more intimate weddings of up to 40 people.


The first step in planning your wedding will be to arrange for an interview with our Minister, the Rev. Dwain Ketcheson. The Minister will ask you to talk about yourselves as individuals, about your relationship, and about your hopes and plans for the future. The Minister will also talk to you about the wedding ceremony and the various practical arrangements that need to be considered. To arrange for an appointment, contact the church office at (905) 682-0944.

Minister Officiating the Service

It is the policy of Mountainview United Church that the Officiating Minister at all weddings is the Minister of Mountainview (unless otherwise unavailable). We also understand that, sometimes, a couple would like a past Minister, relative or family friend to be part of their wedding ceremony. That person should contact the Minister at Mountainview for permission to participate in the service or be invited by the Minister of Mountainview to participate in the service.

Weddings Outside of the Church (off-site)

The Minister may be available to conduct weddings outside of the church. For further information you may contact the Minister through the church office. If you are contemplating an off-site wedding, the Minister will determine the fee on an individual basis.

Marriage Preparation

While we do not require marriage preparation, we do recommend that couples attend a marriage preparation course.

Marriage Licence

A marriage licence is required and is available in St. Catharines at City Hall, located at 50 Church Street, issued from the Clerk’s Department on the Third Floor from 8:30-4:00. The cost is $100 and is expected in cash. Birth certificate or passport, as well as photo identification are required. The marriage licence is valid for three months from the date of purchase and should be brought to the church no later than two weeks prior to the wedding.


Instrumental music is normally played on Mountainview’s organ or grand piano. Since the wedding ceremony takes place in the context of Christian Worship, the music selected should be appropriate for the occasion. Arrangements for music should be made through the church’s Music Director, Chris Lovell, who may be contacted through the church office. The Music Director will meet with you in order to help you make decisions about special music. The Music Director will provide music prior to the service, as guests arrive, during the signing of the register and while guests are leaving. If the couple wishes to have someone other than the church Music Director play for the wedding, this must be arranged well in advance. The Music Director will not normally be present at the rehearsal unless arrangements have been made for this.

Wedding Program

Some couples like to have a wedding program in which they include the order of the service and a list of participants. For further information, you may contact the church office.


Arrangements for day and time of rehearsal will be made with the Minister. It is important that all people who are participating in the wedding ceremony attend. The Wedding Co-ordinator will also be present at the rehearsal to respond to special requests. Rehearsals usually last about one hour.

Flowers and Decorating

Arrangements for delivery of flowers and decorating the church will be made with the Wedding Co-ordinator prior to the rehearsal or by calling the church office.

Photography / Video

You may video-tape the ceremony using a stationary camera. It is recommended that the camera operator attend the rehearsal in order to discern the best position to place the camera. So as to not spoil the sanctity of your wedding ceremony, still pictures (except for a professional photographer not using a flash) may only be taken as the wedding party enters the sanctuary, during the signing of the register, during the unity candle-lighting (if chosen as part of the service) and during the recessional.


Confetti and rice may not be used in the church or on the church grounds.


Mountainview United Church is a smoke free facility.


The Government of Ontario Marriage Act requires that no wedding will be performed for persons who have consumed alcohol or are being served alcohol prior to the wedding.


The wedding fee of $925 includes the use of the sanctuary and the services of the Minister, Music Director, Wedding Co-ordinator and Custodian. A non-refundable cash deposit of $150 is due as soon as the wedding date is confirmed with the Minister. The balance in cash, along with the Marriage License, is due at the church office at least two weeks before the wedding. If you are contemplating an off-site wedding, the Minister will determine the fee on an individual basis.

We hope that this overview answers many of your questions. If you have any further questions or wish to arrange for an interview with the Minister, you may do so by contacting the church office at (905) 682-0944.

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Funerals and Memorial Services

The time surrounding the death of a loved one is often experienced as being a sacred occasion, regardless of religious beliefs. As part of Mountainview United Church’s outreach into the community, our Minister, The Reverend Dwain Ketcheson is available to plan and conduct funeral / memorial services for anyone, regardless of their religious affiliation.

You may contact our Minister through the church office, or your funeral home / mortuary. Our minister will ask to meet with the family in order to plan the service so that it will better meet your needs and be as personal as possible. Mountainview United Church’s sanctuary, or chapel are also available for funeral and memorial services as conducted by our Minister.

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