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Our History



compiled by PAUL SYMONS , APRIL 2007
(condensed with permission )

Mountainview United Church

1. June 2001 - April 2007

Mountainview had undergone several important changes since the beginning of the Second Millennium. To meet the needs of our diverse congregation, we instituted internal changes which dealt with many local and worldwide needs.

The aging congregation was a prime mover in developing programs to attract young families with children and youth, who we hoped would become involved in the Life of Our Church. A Director of Christian Development was hired to stimulate and promote a full range of activities, to help us achieve this end.

Earth DayTo appeal to all age groups, our dynamic Choir Director developed a music program that included all age groups. The quality of the Choir in its presentations had been responsible for attracting many new members.

Our Church began using a wider application of prayer and study for all ages on a weekly basis.

We became much more "Eco Responsible" with our Recycling and Re-using programs.

There was a significant response to Mission and Services programs targeting some local needs: Out-Of-The-Cold suppers and shelter during winters; Breakfasts for those without means; and, a food bank project.

As we gave thanks for what has gone before, let us remember not only the physical structures but also the people who laboured together in the spirit and fellowship of Christ. May it be proven in the years to come that what has been wrought has been well established to further the work of the Lord.

Search committee

2. 1958 to 2000

Nov /58 — The Home Mission Board was directed by Hamilton Conference to investigate the need for a church in south St Catharines.

Jan 11/59 — A meeting of interested people was held at Briardale Public School

Feb 22/59 — First Church service at Winston Churchill Public School (now SouthRidge Community Church)

Apr 26/59 — Mountainview selected as the name for the Church.

May 24/59 — Constitution Service – Charter Roll: 106 members.

Sept 10/61 — Approval to proceed with construction.

Sept 9/62 — First service in new chapel facility.

May 22/68 — Approval to proceed with construction of sanctuary.

May 24/70 — First service in new sanctuary.

Feb 19/84 — Mountainview's 25th Anniversary

1988 — 3 lots sold. Paved parking installed.

Nov 24/91 — Dedication of new Johannes organ.

Dec/94 — Manse sold.

June/95 — Voices United hymn book usage commenced.

1997 — Debt free at year end (a first).

June 4, 2000 — Mission Statement Adopted.


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